Jan 292012

Greetings Brethren!

With our first officers meeting and stated communications in January under our belts, we have both work and play on our plates this year. At our stated communication on January 16th we discussed many events that we are planning to have this year, most of which are family oriented. I will discuss these to some extent below, some of which already have dates set. Make an extra effort to attend these functions and don’t forget to bring your lady, family members and friends. All are welcome. Let’s get outside the four walls of the Lodge this year!

The Masonic Ladies is a group the Lodge has formed for women who are related to Masons or simply have friends who are Masons. If you know of any lady who would enjoy getting together with others on occasion, e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner, hitting the mall (did I really say that?) have them call me or send me an email and I will put them in a group email list which I will pass on to them so they can stay in touch with each other. The intent is not to establish a formal club with officers, etc., but more of an informal social group for get-togethers either as a group or simply between two friends. Our Lodge would also appreciate their input regarding events that they would like to see held this year. I promise the Lodge will not attempt to impose any responsibilities on them!

As for events this year, we have discussed some family oriented activities for all to enjoy. Our first family dinner will be held on Valentines Day (Tuesday Feb. 14) at the 801 City Grill in Clermont at 6:30pm. The address is 801 W. Montrose St., Clermont. Dress will probably be on the order of smart casual that evening. Many have already indicated they will be attending. We will also be setting a date for a bbq/pool party to be hosted at our Senior Deacon’s 10-acre residence for the entire family, including children, to enjoy. Trust me, we already have some fun ideas for the kids and grand kids, so please bring them. If they’ve never had an opportunity to see a cow up close, this is their chance! This will be scheduled during warmer weather. My wife and I will be hosting a cookout at our residence as well this year. More details on that will follow as we work on determining a specific date.

We are going to have two family group tour/dinner trips this year. One will be to the Masonic Home in St. Petersburg and the other to the Grand Lodge of Florida in Jacksonville. Both of these will be scheduled for Saturday day trips. The plan is to incorporate a lunch or dinner into both of these excursions. The trip to the Masonic Home is scheduled for Saturday, March 17, and departs at 9:00am. We’re looking into taking a tour bus, but also have the option of driving our personal vehicles and car pooling. If you’ve never been there, you owe to yourself to see this magnificent facility. The second planned tour/dinner to the Grand Lodge of Florida will be scheduled for later this Spring and will consist of a personal guided tour by the Grand Lodge Museum Curator with a lunch/dinner along the waterfront to follow. Other District Lodges are also interested in joining us on this excursion, so there will be an opportunity for expanded fellowship between Brothers and family.

It appears we have some Lodge interest in knocking some pins down at the local bowling alleys. A couple of other Lodges in the District already have family bowling events every couple of months and have invited Clermont Lodge to join them. Gutter balls are welcome and even encouraged! I know I’ll contribute to a few of those. It’s not a formal league – just a group getting together to have some family fun. I’ll post more details about this on our website as they become available.

We have scheduled a Fellow Craft Degree for Monday, February 27 at 7:00pm. Please attend and show your support for our Brothers who have been working diligently on their Masonic journeys.

Visit our website at www.clermontmasons.org often for the most up-to-date details on all of our planned events. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get the latest word to everyone.

Oh, and just a teaser for you…don’t miss our next stated communication if you want to see and hear about something quite interesting about our Lodge. Don’t bother asking around to find out what it is, because only two of us know and we both put our right hands over our hearts and left hands on the Lodge corner stone promising not to reveal it until then! See you on February 6th at our next stated communication!


Vaughn M. Roberts
Worshipful Master

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